One of the key attributes as to why clients of Acacus are impressed with our technology solutions is our team’s ability to constantly innovate and develop a practical solution to all challenges.

Our ‘Innovation Team’ based in Jordan has been instrumental in developing some ingenious ways of making technology more resourceful and seamless. Khaled Alkayid, from our innovation team, who is a senior 3D Artist and Product Designer, has come up with an ingenious idea for addressing a typical heat-related challenge. 

As part of our solution to most of our clients, we will be installing Jetson boards on top of vehicles. But due to excruciating summer temperature across U.A.E, processors inside boards are prone to get heated in short period, thus directly affecting its performance.

To address this problem Khaled has designed ‘Custom Water Cooling’ systems to keep the temperature under control. It’s a simple but very clever way to use existing technology and make it better.

With this innovation, Acacus will be the first company to use custom water cooling system inside a Jetson board. 


This is innovation at its best. Utilizing technology to not only transform but also to make it more useful.

This is the virtue that Acacus aspires to bring across its solutions for our clients.