Technology Lineage

Acacus Technologies began its journey in the global hub of innovation 'Dubai', in 2013. We have developed cutting edge software and hardware solutions, for organizations and governments globally.

We are one of the fastest growing technology companies in the MENA region

Our expertise is in A.I. and Machine Learning based intelligent fleet management and mobility solutions for transportation industry. Know more..

Acacus is the pioneer across the MENA region, in the development and implementation of Autonomous Vehicle technology. Know more..  


"Pushing the boundaries of technology and the zeal to innovate, is in the DNA of our organization. With a dedicated team of professionals, we believe in the mindset of customizing technology to achieve business goals." 

....Talal Ben. Halim, Founder & CEO, Acacus Technologies.

Our Inspiration


Our name is inspired by ancient mountain range of Libya, called Acacus.

These UNESCO heritage mountains depicts early cave and rock drawings from pre-historic humans.

These drawing were the epitome of ingenuity & innovation of the time. It has impacted our society & transformed our understanding of life.

At Acacus, we believe in the virtue of transforming lives through technology.

Our Aspiration



Create and innovate technology, that transforms businesses and society.