State-of-the-Art Fleet Management Solutions


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A.i. & machine learning

Acacus specializes in developing customized software and hardware solutions for the global transportation and airline industry.

Our expertise is in integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence, to drive efficiency, optimize resources and reduce costs.

Every customized solution of Acacus, comprises three unique features of technology innovation:  

Optimized Dispatch


Research based optimization engine that uses mathematical combinatorics, to monitor fleet data and to decide where each vehicle in the fleet should go next. This sophisticated technology has resulted in reducing the number the fleet vehicles required by some of our clients, by over 30%.


Machine Learning


Embedded cameras use machine learning algorithms to track driver behavior, performance as well as operational hazards in real time.


Disruption Management


Each vehicle in the fleet is aware and reacts to the entire fleet’s needs. Disruption engine determines if a fleet vehicle will be critically late for a scheduled trip and allocate alternative vehicles, as required.

Lynx - Intelligent Fleet Management


Lynx is a state-of-the-art intelligent fleet management solution that allows organizations to monitor and optimize fleet operations.

Powered by artificial intelligence, it collects a wide range vehicle location and diagnostics data that can be tracked remotely.

It uses machine learning technology to provide unique alerting while optimizing fleet pick-up and drop off schedules. Request a demo. 

Lynx Vision

Lynx Vision.jpg
  • Video event recording and playback

  • Up to 1 month of in-vehicle and 12 month cloud storage

  • HTTPS secure connections to stream over 3G / LTE

  • Low bandwidth WiFi uploading to cloud hosted video storage

  • Deep learning based video analytics detecting: driver fatigue, lane departure, tailgating and cargo/passenger counting

  • In-vehicle video streaming from up to 12 cameras per vehicle

  • Full HD 1080p resolutions

  • Video playback of event-based alerts from same interface

Lynx Pro

Lync Pro.jpg
  • Disruption management in the case of vehicle breakdowns or excessive delays

  • Planning tool with scenario and constraint configurator

  • Actual vs. estimated trip time analytics

  • Fleet utilization analytics

  • Driver scorecard

  • Optimized dispatching

  • Supports both hard and soft constraints

  • Multiple vehicle type and capacity support in the same fleet

  • Time windows for delivery or pickup supported

  • Ad-hoc and pre-planned pickup request support


  • Advanced alerting rules engine that supports any combination of input events

  • Speeding alerts based on road speed

  • Integrated traffic data overlays

  • Multilingual support

  • Dashboard with drill-down data

  • Vehicle and asset tracking

  • As low as 3 second intervals for sending polling data

  • Vehicle maintenance management

  • Integration capabilities with a wide range of digital sensors

  • Nested user defined geo-fencing

  • Location and trip history data

Fleet Metrics meets Artificial Intelligence

Acacus has developed proprietary AI-based firmware and back-end event management software which is embedded in our in-vehicle cameras.  It dynamically detects events that are important to fleet operators including: 


Driver Distraction

Vehicle Proximity

People Counting

Lane Departure

Object recognition


Disruptive deep learning technologies in cameras, monitoring events that ordinary sensors can’t detect.